Friday, 31 January 2014

Review | The n-spa range at Asda

The n-spa range has been created by the folks from Nirvana Spa, which is, according to them, the UK's number one day spa. I've never heard of it, but I'm beginning to realise that doesn't mean much! I have noticed this range in Asda a few times whilst looking for beauty bargains but never been tempted until now. Someone recommended the Liz Earle range and I wanted to try something similar but cheaper before splurging.

There is an offer in Asda at the moment to get two products for £8.

N-Spa Youthful Eye Cream - £5 for 15ml

Description: Anti-aging Collagen boosting Peptide (Tetrapeptide-21) to firm. Fruit Acids to brighten. Highly moisturising Hyaluronic Acid. Cross linked Hyaluronic Acid to fill wrinkles and fine lines. Radiance improving Grapeseed Oil. Nourishing Avocado Oil. Anti-oxidant natural Vitamin E.

Verdict: First impressions were favourable; the packaging is sleek and classy and there is no definitive or overpowering smell. I found the texture a little watery for an eye cream and this made me think that it wouldn't be too good at moisturising. I've used this for nearly two weeks now and there are no noticeable differences in my under eye area. I am often mistaken for being a lot younger than I am, but even so I've started to notice a few creases and this hasn't helped them at all. However, it is really hydrating and it hasn't left my eye area dry, unlike a much more expensive eye cream from Benefit Cosmetics.

I'll definitely finish the pot, but I didn't really think that this product would change my world. I'm a firm believer that beauty products don't have to cost the earth to be effective, but I think eye creams often make bold claims that rarely come true. Have you used any eye creams that have actually worked? If so, please let me know in the comments section!

N-Spa Hot Cloth Polish - £7 for 150ml

Description: With muslin cloth to quickly cleanse, exfoliate and purify skin. Cocoa butter. Essential oil of neroli. Dermatologically approved. Suitable for all skin types - even sensitive skin. Paraben free. Let the blend of moisturising Ginseng and Vitamin E, rich and creamy Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil dissolve the day's make-up and impurities with the help of the muslin cloth.

Verdict: I decided to use this after reading so many wonderful blog posts about the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but at £14.75 for 100ml I wasn't prepared to splash out if it wasn't suitable for my skin. So, this option seemed like a cost effective way of 'trying out' this kind of product.

Again, the packaging is simple and attractive. The muslin cloth is very thin, but not having any experience of this kind of product I'm not sure if it is meant to be. It looks and feels like a rag you might use to do housework and after two weeks of use the edges have started to fray a little. The bottle recommends one or two pumps and I opted for two, for maximum coverage. The consistency is wonderful - so thick and creamy. I wondered if this was going to be too hydrating for my sometimes oily t-zone but not so. The application process involves massaging it into your face and neck in small circular motions then wiping it off with the damp muslin cloth.

The application of this product is luxurious. It has a delicate smell and the texture is divine. It just melts on to my face and makes it feel so soft and supple. After the first application I couldn't stop touching my face! I will definitely re-purchase this cleanser, and might be tempted to try the Liz Earle, but part of me thinks "why bother?" since this is cheaper and has made my skin so soft! Have you used Liz Earle? Would you recommend it?

I think this range is probably hit and miss. For the price I don't think it is going to work wonders on tough areas like dark circles and wrinkles, but the basic products such as cleansers, toners and moisturisers will probably be worth the investment. I absolutely loved the Hot Cloth Polish and it makes my nightly routine a pleasure rather than a chore!


  1. That sounds lovely! Shame I've not seen this anywhere. Although boo to the eyecream that didn't work! x

    1. If you know of any eye creams that do work PLEASE let me know!!!x

  2. I've tried the Liz Earl Hot Cloth Polish and loved it so much so that I went on to buy another 3 bottles, I'd love to try the Asda one to see how it compares x


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