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Review | Graze Box

Graze was set up five years ago by 7 blokes who claim "we all love food and wanted to get a lot more out of our snacking." I've been aware of Graze for a long time but thought it was quite expensive and you don't really get a lot for your money.
If you can't be bothered to read the review but fancy signing up anyway, my referral code is:

That's 7LHWC4Q2P. If you use this code you will get your first, fifth and tenth box free. I will get £1 off my next box. It's win win! And you can stop at any time. Promise!

To be honest I always thought it would be cheaper to buy 4 full size bags of peanuts, Bombay mix, olives etc and just eat those as and when I fancied. Graze seemed like a novelty but having tried them, I can say I am a convert and I have changed my box from fortnightly to weekly delivery!

I got a "first box free" voucher with something I bought online and I thought "hey, why not? I'll cancel after the first one!" but as soon as I entered the code a box appeared saying I'd get my fifth box free too! Well played Graze, well played...

Each box is £3.89, delivered. There are no hidden costs. What I really love about Graze is that you can change the frequency of your box really easily. If you're going on holiday or just want to miss a box you can push back delivery and you can even change the delivery day. The great thing is the box is thin enough to fit through a letterbox, so you don't even need to be home when it's delivered. Unfortunately I have to have my box delivered to my Dad's house because I have two lurchers who would be only too happy to eat the contents before I get home, and it is just a little too wide to fit in my external postbox.


There are so many ways to customise the delivery! I think this is a great idea and it is something that convinced me not to cancel after my first box. But there are other ways to customise what you receive, because Graze know that we don't all like the same things.

There is a place on the website for you to rate everything you've received. You can choose several options:
Bin: Items that you bin will never be sent to you. You can search for a specific ingredient too, so if you don't like cranberries you can bin everything with cranberries in. Great idea!
Try: This is the default setting and this means you're willing to receive this item in your box. If you don't go through the list of all available products and bin items then you will eventually get to try everything, at least that's how it works in theory.
Like: Once you've tried an item and you mark it as "like" then they will send it to you occasionally.
Love: These items will be send to you regularly. Although I have loved several things I am loathe to mark them as such because I want to try a bit of everything!
Send soon: If there's something you really want to try then you use this option and they'll send it to you soon. I've used this a couple of times and received the items in my next box.
As you can see there is also a filter for people who are on specific diets. They can't guarantee you won't have nut traces in your box, which is a shame, but at least they're making the effort, and it's great if you're choosing a specialist diet rather than being allergic to something.

I've spoken to a few people about Graze boxes and a lot of them seem to think that Graze boxes are all nuts, seeds and more nuts. Not true!

Look at that list! Yes, there are a lot of nut choices but there are also fruits, olives, puddings, olives, brownies and more. It was the massive range that sucked me in. I like nuts and eat a handful everyday (they're packed with good fats!) but I didn't want to receive a box with four boxes of nut variety as it would soon get boring. Let me show you:

Masses of choice. Really, there is something for everyone. Let me show you the box I received earlier this week (and which has already been devoured!) because let's face it, anyone can make food look nice on the internet, in pretty pictures on a website.

This week I had used the "send soon" option on two items and they both turned up! As you can see, the box is divided into four equal compartments and the snacks come in a sealed plastic pot. The box and the plastic pots are all recyclable which I think it great because I tend to recycle far more than I put in the ordinary waste bin! One week I received olives and there was a little stick to eat them with, included in the box. All boxes come with a napkin.
Each week you receive a little booklet telling you the nutritional information about what's in your box. I also got information this week about how the beef jerky is made. There are also several detachable coupons to give to friends so that they get their first, fifth and tenth box free. As I've said, if you use this code I get £1 off my next box too, which is nice ;-)

Track & Field: blanched peanuts, caramel milk chocolate buttons, fudge pieces and raisins. This was quite nice, although there were too many raisins for my liking and not enough chocolate buttons. You can see where my loyalties lie! I have chosen to "bin" this item, simply because I am not overly keen on raisins.

Nature's Immunity Nuts: roasted unsalted cashews, brazil nuts and pistachio kernels. I ate these at the theatre earlier in the week whilst watching The Dishwashers with David Essex (he was in the play rather than sitting next to me, sadly, haha!) There was a good mix of the different nuts and I really like brazil nuts. I've marked these as "like" so one day I'll see them again.

Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky: British beef jerky and smoky tomato relish. When I first tried this it made me think "dog treat". It was actually very tasty and the relish was delicious. I have marked this as "try" because although I liked it, I am keen to try other things from the range over more jerky. It is much nicer than the stuff you get in packets in the supermarket.

Banoffee Dippers: toffee sauce with wholemeal banana shortbread dippers. It was the photo on the website that sold this item for me. It just looked too delicious to pass up. And it was!

I normally share my items with my colleague Sandra, but this was so delicious that I only offered her half a piece! The shortbread is rich and crumbly with just a hint of banana flavour. The sauce is rich and creamy. I wanted to jump in and finish it off! This was a perfect mid afternoon treat at work. 136 calories of indulgence. I've marked this as "love" and I've now marked similar 'dipping' items as send soon.


My friend code: 7LHWC4Q2P

To summarise: I love the Graze box. It is convenient and fun. You can change the frequency and delivery options really easily and you can customise what you receive if you like to control that kind of thing, or you can leave it up to chance and get a surprise every week. I wish I had signed up to this sooner. It has reduced the amount of ice cream I buy on my twice weekly cinema trips which has actually saved me money!

What do you think? Is it something you'd like to try or are do you think it's a bit of a rip off? Let me know if you already subscribe and there's anything in particular you would recommend I try!

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  1. I think the banoffee dippers look lush! And am already fomurmulating a plan to make my own GF, DF ones, which you will hopefully see on my recipe group soon - if I succeed! x

  2. I wish I had time to bake. I work until 7.30pm so the only time is before work, but I'm generally asleep then ;-) Perhaps you can send me some? If they're like the fudge you're on to a winner!x

  3. This Graze box thing is sooooo tempting, but I know I will just eat the box in one sitting.

    My friend also had lurchers and she came back one day to find her graze box demolished, they'd delivered it a day early! x

    1. Roxanne, I won't lie, mine is usually gone in a day or two!x

  4. I keep seeing graze boxes! I think i'm gonna finally get one! :)

  5. I am something like a subscription service junkie and have been thinking about trying one of the health foods one like Graze. Great post! I would like to nominate your blog for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more information: I also see that you are working on your first novel... Good luck! I know from experience that the journey can be extremely stressful.


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