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Review | Love Me Beauty February 2014

Love Me Beauty is a beauty box with a bit of a difference. Each month you have the option of choosing from one of three 'menus' or you can choose the mystery box and what you get will be a complete surprise. I'm too sceptical to choose the mystery box because I've convinced myself it's just the leftovers from other boxes that nobody wants. If I'm wrong, please let me know!

(As a quick aside, I nearly didn't sign up for this box because of the atrocious grammar on their website; they keep using an apostrophe to pluralise the word menu (i.e. menu's) which drives me nuts!)

This month I wasn't overly pleased with the choices on offer, but they cunningly charge you for the box before you see the options, so you basically have to choose or they will send you the mystery box. I had little choice but to choose 'Edition 3' this month because the other two boxes contained Beautify Me Vitamin Complex tablets, and I already take vitamins and enough prescribed medication to keep Boots Pharmacy in business, so I didn't want to risk it.

Without further whining, let's have a look at the box!

What have we here then? From left to right:
  • Bakewell Soap Company multi-purpose Pocket Balm in 'Lavender and Lemon' RRP £3.95 (25g) - full size received.
  • Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser RRP £120 (60ml) - 5 ml received worth £10 (although the info leaflet states it is worth £15 so either their maths is flawed or mine is...)
  • La Claree Gentle Cleansing Milk RRP £15 (150ml) - 1fl oz (approx 30ml) received worth £3
  • Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner RRP £12 (150ml) - full size received
  • Nip & Fab Dry Leg Fix RRP £10.25 (100ml) - full size received as a "Mystery Product" for Valentine's Day!

Total Value (inc. Valentine's "gift"): £39.20
Price paid inc P&P: £12.95

Seems like a great saving, right? Well, that depends on whether you actually use the products or not! Will I use it all? Let's find out...

Dr Bragi is a cult brand with a lot of scientific 'evidence' to support their claims. Their website has a whole page dedicated to proving to you how their products will do what they say they will. There's a lot of talk about "marine enzymes" and "super-active enzymes" which is all very interesting if you like to see the science behind a brand's claims. It is a clear gel and states to use sparingly. There is even a little warning saying if your skin feels sticky you've used too much. However, I tried to be sparing but it wouldn't cover the whole of my face so had to dive in for some more. Unfortunately the 5ml provided lasted four uses, and I'm not even remotely tempted to spend £120 on a full size product. It made my t-zone greasy. I'm glad I got to try this, because I could never justify buying a full size product!

The Pocket Balm in 'Lavender & Lemon' smells lovely. It's more lavender scented than lemon but it isn't too overpowering as to be unpleasant in any way. It contains walnut and almond oils as well as chamomile and hemp extracts. So far I've used it on my lips and it feels really nice, and my elbows because I spend a lot of time leaning on them at work so I get quite dry skin there. It's now in my handbag and will be my go to for dry lip moments. I've just slathered some on now, actually!

Oliv La Claree is a French skin and body care brand used in spas across Europe. It uses olive leaves from Provence to provide healing properties in its products. This cleansing milk has a light and delicate scent and is easy to apply with a cotton pad. Although the official blurb says it eliminates traces of makeup, it didn't remove all of my makeup. You are advised (on the card from Love Me Beauty) to cleanse and tone the skin afterwards, but if this is a cleansing milk why do you have to cleanse after using it? I'm a bit perplexed by that. Their website states the cleansing milk will leave skin supple and comfortable and it most certainly does, but it also leaves a sort of greasy feel on my skin. I'm starting to think that everything that claims to be non-greasy is in fact the complete opposite - at least when it comes to my skin! Overall it was nice to try this, but again the small sample size only lasted five uses and I wouldn't repurchase, although I would like to see more samples from this brand in the box in the future!

In my haste to pick which box I wanted I mis-read the Percy & Reed dry conditioner as being dry shampoo, which I use quite frequently to refresh hair between washes. Alas, it is dry conditioner. Percy & Reed are Adam Reed and Paul Percival; celebrity hairdressers with two salons in London. They aim to provide "modern, cutting edge style" at affordable prices by supplying products that "really, truly work". Nice spiel. Does it work? Well, I've no idea. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to use this instead of conditioner or some other way. I went to the brand's website and watched a video tutorial that left me no further forward. I ended up just spraying it on my hair and it did absolutely nothing whatsoever. I am going to give this to someone else because I have no clue how to really use it to full effect. I don't have dry hair, I have quite oily hair if I overload it with product. Dry shampoo would have been much better, and if that had worked I probably would have repurchased! Oh well, you win some, you lose some...

I've seen the Nip & Fab products a few times in Sainsbury's and got the impression they were quite low budget due to the horrendously cheesy brand name (sorry!) but having done some research it seems this brand was created by the founder of Rodial, a very expensive celeb endorsed brand! My mistake! I was a bit miffed that the product I received (although technically a "gift") didn't have any ingredients on the box or the tube. I tried to look it up at their website but the only ingredients mentioned were Aquaxyl (which is a trademarked something or another which isn't a real thing at all, if we're honest), Shea butter and glycerin. I am prone to eczema on my legs so I wanted to know what I was putting on them, but I couldn't seem to find any further information. I used it anyway, of course! It made my legs nice and soft and I will use this everyday until it's gone, but I'm too loyal to Aveeno (especially since I know what's in it!) to repurchase. I was impressed enough to buy some items from the brand because they're all on offer in Sainsbury's!

The whole range is 1/2 price so I got some Glycolic Scrub Fix and Dark Circle Fix. I'll report back on what they're like! As you can see though, the retail price of this item is slightly less than the RRP on their website, so stock up in Sainsbury's if you're a fan!

My overall thoughts? I love the balm and enjoyed the opportunity to try Dr Bragi and Oliv La Claree, and having researched Nip & Fab I've realised they aren't a cheapo brand and invested in some 1/2 price products at Sainsbury's (also available in Boots, Debenhams and Harvey Nicks!) The only downside of this box was the Percy & Reed dry conditioner, which just seems a completely useless product to someone like me, who doesn't have dry hair and who uses a conditioner when I wash my hair.

I'd love to hear some tips on how to use the dry conditioner if you have any! Or have you used any Nip & Fab products? Let me know! Thanks for reading.

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  1. I've been really skeptical about these monthly beauty boxes, but the one you received looks like a nice one! :)



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