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Review | Wantable Makeup Box February 2014

Having dabbled in numerous beauty boxes (Glossybox, Birchbox, Love Me Beauty) I am becoming somewhat more picky in what I like and what I don't when it comes to beauty and makeup products. After the disaster that was the January Glossybox (review here) I decided to investigate what else was on the market.

I stumbled across Wantable via Instagram and was excited by the photos I saw of other people's boxes. They have three to choose from: makeup box, accessories box and intimates box. I did some research and was pleased to read that they were launching in the UK and I Facebook stalked followed them to find out more. It transpired that I only had to wait a week until they launched their UK delivery service. Monday 27th January was the UK launch day and I ordered as soon as I got up. Why was I so excited about this box? What makes it different? 

The Wantable blurb claims to give you "4 to 5 full-sized premium makeup products, hand-picked to perfectly match your preferences"... well, I've heard that before. I completed the profile and it was very in depth, asking what kind of makeup I 'like', 'love' or 'dislike' and the colours I like in nail polish, eye shadow, foundation etc. I was really impressed with the amount of details the profile requested. I ordered the makeup box at a cost of $36 plus $7 postage and $7.20 tax. The total for my order came to $50.20 which is currently £30.76. Ouch. Compared to the other boxes I subscribe to this is almost three times the cost and I have to admit it stings a little!
I ordered my box on 27th January and received an email to say it had been dispatched the next day. I was given a tracking number and I followed it closely online. It was delivered this morning - 9 days after being dispatched, which is pretty good considering it came by boat and I've had boxes posted in the UK that have taken over a week. Good start.
Moving on to the important stuff now - what did I get?

The box is quite small and the outer box acts as the container rather than there being another box inside. The makeup items are between two large foam pads which are perfect for keeping the items undamaged during transit.

Here is what I received:
    • Pomegranate Nail Lacquer in 'Broken Curse' which is purple and blue micro glitter in a clear base. It contains no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor, which I'm guessing are all 'nasties'. The name matches the colour perfectly! Value $8.50 (£5.21).
    • Golden Rose Perfect Lash Vitamin Treatment Mascara (transparent) which nourishes and protects the lashes with vitamins A, E and B5. Value $10.99 (£6.73).
    • FACE Stockholm Pot Gloss in 'Unique' which is a pot of gloss in a beautiful red shade with blue undertones to compliment my pale skin perfectly. Value $19.00 (£11.64).
    • Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush made from super fine Taklon (a smooth, soft and somewhat fragile polyester). Value $20.00 (£12.25).
    • Sorme Perfect Touch Concealer in '304 true ivory' which is a fixing fluid designed to make flaws, dark circles wrinkles and signs of fatigue virtually vanish. Some claim! Value $24.00 (£14.70).
    • A sachet of Sorme under Foundation Makeup Enhancer as a free sample!
Cost of box: $36.00 / £22.06
Value of contents: $82.49 / £50.54
Cost with shipping / taxes: $50.20 / £30.76
Saving in sterling excluding shipping / taxes: £28.48
(Saving inc shipping / taxes): £19.78
I was very impressed with the range of products, which were perfectly tailored to my preferences and the colour choices on my online profile. In case you're not sure what you said you liked they include a little reminder at the top of the invoice, as well as a complete list of what you've got and how much it retails for, which I found very handy!

Now for a photo extravaganza of the items in the box:


The Michael Marcus Prime Foundation Brush has an electric blue handle and lovely soft bristles. I currently use either my fingers of my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, but I'll be giving this a whirl tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing the difference. According to his website:
"Michael Marcus sets the bar for innovation in today’s skincare and cosmetic world. Constantly in awe of the most beautiful woman of all, Mother Nature, Michael Marcus cosmetics utilises the many gifts she has bestowed upon us!"
I don't have a large array of tools so I said in my beauty profile that I love them, so that I will hopefully receive more to try.

FACE Stockholm Pot Gloss in 'Unique' is the perfect shade for me. I am just starting to wear lip colour. Usually I opt for quite tame sheer berry colours so this will help ease me into wearing more daring colours. It gives a nice wash of colour that is actually noticeable and it makes my lips feel super soft. I've been wearing it all day and I love it!
Of all the products I received the Golden Rose Perfect Lash Vitamin Treatment Mascara (transparent) is the one I am most uncertain of. I never wore mascara because I was afraid of it smudging or running. I had a habit of rubbing my eyes a lot which resulted in panda eyes, so for many years I didn't wear any. I've started wearing it every day now that I have found the perfect shade (I wear brown, not black, because my eyelashes are very pale and black just looks silly on me). I think I will wear this on holiday because I hate wearing full makeup in hot climates.
The Sorme Perfect Touch Concealer in '304 True Ivory' has an applicator the same as YSL Touche Eclat from Yves Saint Laurent and I've done a colour comparison against my usual concealer, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in 'Chantilly'.

As you can see, the Sorme concealer is a little orangey when compared to my usual one, but time will tell if it blends well. I think all beauty boxes should have a "my skin is whiter than milk" option for those of us with an almost deathly hue!  

The Pomegranate Nail Lacquer in 'Broken Curse' was the first thing that caught my eye when I opened the box. I had originally thought it was highly pigmented but upon reading the leaflet I realised the glitter is suspended in a clear base.

The above picture shows the polish after two coats. I think it would be best worn over a purple nail polish to really set it off. On its own it doesn't wow me, but I am going to apply a few more coats to see if I can build up the finish. If not I will wear it like a top coat over other colours for some added sparkle!

So there we have it! I am really really pleased with this box. Having signed up for the first box straight away I qualified for the second box free, although shipping and tax will still have to be paid. I intend to keep buying this box and I think I'm going to stop ordering Glossybox in order to pay for it, but that's no huge loss.

What I love about this box is that I am never going to receive items I know I won't like! You can complete the beauty profile at the Wantable website before signing up, so that you can get a really idea of how in depth it really is. Naturally the high cost is going to put a lot of people off, but if you can afford it I would definitely suggest you give it a go.

Wantable certainly lives up to its name!


  1. You got a great box! I love the nail varnish - I would wear it over blue or pink. You may find that the Sorme concealer works as a subtle contour under the cheek bones and around the hairline. I'm looking forward to next months box!


  2. I loved my box too and I agree on the whiter than white option.

  3. great box dear !! xx


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