Monday, 17 March 2014

Review | Gamila Secret

Gamila Secret: Raised by Nature, Gathered by Gamila.
I fell in love with Gamila Secret after I received a sample of their original cleansing bar in my first Glossybox in October. I said at the time that I would repurchase and I have, twice! I also bought the travel pouch and the soap dish in the House of Fraser New Year Sale.
Gamila have a wide range of products, with the cleansing bar itself coming in ten varieties. Each variety is suitable for a different skin type, but the original is for "the most sensitive skin types, even those who are allergic to essential oils. It cleanses the skin, encourages its capacity for self-repair, hydrates and promotes elasticity." The other bars, whilst having the same base ingredients, are infused with natural oils and having sensitive skin I decided to opt for the original when I repurchased as I knew from the sample that it wouldn't cause any adverse effects.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Review | Wantable Makeup Box March 2014

You may recall my first Wantable makeup box review from February. I was absolutely thrilled with it and because I signed up so quickly I was eligible for my second box absolutely free. Well, it wasn't quite free; the shipping and tax was $15 (£8.97). The exchange rate worked in the UK's favour this month as the UK cost went down from £22.06 to £21.63 ($36).

I would highly recommend reading my first Wantable review especially if you're not familiar with them, because I explain their personalised system and just how well it works. As a quick recap you complete a profile telling them what you like and what you don't. The level of detail is very impressive and it has on both occasions been a success!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Review | Just Lucy - hand-made knitted accessories

Just Lucy sells "hand-knitted, upcycled and homemade products to bring cheer to any home.”

I like to support handmade arts and crafts businesses and whenever I go to a fayre or fête I always come away with hand crocheted items, homemade jams and lots of scones! I can't help myself. Handmade things just seem so much more wholesome, and I like to support that!