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Review | Gamila Secret

Gamila Secret: Raised by Nature, Gathered by Gamila.
I fell in love with Gamila Secret after I received a sample of their original cleansing bar in my first Glossybox in October. I said at the time that I would repurchase and I have, twice! I also bought the travel pouch and the soap dish in the House of Fraser New Year Sale.
Gamila have a wide range of products, with the cleansing bar itself coming in ten varieties. Each variety is suitable for a different skin type, but the original is for "the most sensitive skin types, even those who are allergic to essential oils. It cleanses the skin, encourages its capacity for self-repair, hydrates and promotes elasticity." The other bars, whilst having the same base ingredients, are infused with natural oils and having sensitive skin I decided to opt for the original when I repurchased as I knew from the sample that it wouldn't cause any adverse effects.

The Gamila Secret cleansing bar comes in a square cardboard box. The packaging is basic with nice earthy tones to reflect the natural properties of the bar itself.
Here is a bit of background on the brand itself:
The story started with Gamila Hiar, who used her wisdom and knowledge of nature to create a secret recipe formulation made of fifteen healing herbs and a combination of pure plant oils, including first cold press olive oil.

Our Promise: "Raised by nature, gathered by Gamila, to nourish healthy skin" All products are handmade, using 100% plant based natural ingredients, uniquely picked, tasted and combined to nourish healthy skin.

I don't know how authentic the story is, or if Gamila Hiar is a real person, or indeed if the picture of an elderly lady picking olives that appears on all of their products is based on this person, but it's a sweet story and I am quite convinced that their products are as natural as they say they are.

The cleansing bar itself is quite deceptive. When I first opened my full size bar I was a little disappointed at how small it was considering the hefty price tag (£22 for the original bar - but more on that later!)

As you can see the bar itself is something that would fit in your palm. However, the size is deceptive. I started using the bar on Christmas day and it lasted 8 weeks. The best part of the bar is that is has multiple uses. You can use it for body, face and additional tasks such as shaving. And I use it for all of them! So I use this bar at least twice a day on my face and at least once a day as a body cleanser in the shower too. I wet my EcoTools body polisher and lather up the soap. This then cleanses my whole body and creates enough beautifully soft foam to act as a shaving cream too!

I subscribe to a lot of beauty boxes and I receive an awful lot of samples of body washes and face washes but I just can't compare any of them to this product. It leaves my eczema prone skin silky smooth and my face never feels tight or sore after washing.

The cleansing bar before use:

And 8 weeks later...

Now, on to the price. I bought my first bar online at House of Fraser for £22. You can also get it for the same price via the Glossybox store. However, even though I love it I was a bit reluctant to spend £22 every 8 weeks on a new bar. I know, I know, it's a pretty good investment since it has multiple uses, but I am always on the look out for a bargain. I took to eBay and typed in Gamila Secret. There are tons of sellers from Israel who claim to sell this bar, but when you read the description it always states that the bar doesn't have the Gamila stamp or come in the Gamila box. This makes me think they're selling generic bars of olive oil soap or they've stolen some stock. Yes, I'm a cynic! I did find a seller who sells the real deal for £16.54 which is a good saving. You can buy from him right here! No, I don't know him, I just like the fact that I can buy this cleansing bar cheaper from him than anywhere else!
I think that of all the items I've received from various beauty box companies that this it the one item I've loved from day one and made a massive effort to keep buying. Nothing has tempted me away from it. I love natural ingredients and it soothes my skin and since I've started using it on my face I've noticed a real decrease in the number of rogue spots that have appeared.
Have you tried this cleansing bar? What are your thoughts on natural products and ingredients?
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  1. Lovely review! So glad to hear this worked for you! I was sent a bar to review previously and my skin just did not get on with it. My skin felt tight after each time I used it and it broke me out. I guess it goes to show how different everyone's skin is! xx

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