Saturday, 12 April 2014

Review | GlamGlow Youth Mud - believe the hype?

I was recently on a Jet2 flight when it was announced they had a Spring Sale on a lot of their beauty and makeup items. I planned to buy "They're Not Real" by Benefit and a delicious Nails Inc gift pack but by the time they got to me those things were sold out (I personally believe the staff took them all as the flight was rammed with old people who probably think Benefit is their weekly pension!) I opted for the GlamGlow Youth Mud, a "Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask from GlamGlow". I had read some reviews of this on Makeup Alley that were very mixed but it was reduced from £25 to £16 so I decided to treat myself.

The packaging itself would be quite classy if it weren't for the "Little Sexy" part which makes no sense. As you can see the item is paraben free and suitable for vegans. It was designed as a "facial in a jar" for use backstage in Hollywood to make actors' skin look noticeably radiant and glowing.

Youth Mud claims to:

  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles

  • Tighten, tone and lift the skin

  • Minimise pores

  • Absorbs impurities without stripping skin of natural oils

  • Be suitable for all skin types

  • Contain no artificial colours or fragrances

  • The reviews I read of the product all mentioned the tingling, which GlamGlow says tells you it's working.

    Like I said, I paid £16 for the product, which knowing what I know now makes it a huge rip off in my opinion. The box seemed quite large but when I opened it I almost needed a magnifying glass to find the tiny pot of product within. I don't recall the Jet2 brochure having the item weight, but if it did then I must have missed it in my excitement. I spent £16 on 15ml of product! You can buy larger versions for about £35 for 50ml.

    I wasn't very happy that I had spent this much on what is effectively a trial size product. After the first use I have estimated there is about enough left for two more uses, if I am sparing (which I was the first time!)

    The product itself is a dark green muddy colour (hence the name!) and contains volcanic minerals and sea clay, amongst other things. I used a cosmetic spatula to spread a very thin layer on my face. The mud also has small leaves in it which are difficult to spread and most just fell off my face so they were pretty pointless!

    The product hardened quite quickly but I can honestly say I didn't feel any tingling at all, which is very odd since I've read one or two reviews of this product where the person had to remove it because the stinging was too much! I have very sensitive skin which is prone to mild rosacea but this was very comfortable to use. I left it on for about 15 minutes.

    When I removed the product my skin felt soft and supple. The next day a friend commented, completely unprovoked, that my skin looked very fresh and vibrant. I felt that it cleared the pores on my nose very well.

    The downside is the cost. After one use I don't have much left!

    It is going to work out at about £5.33 per application. Just as well I got it in a sale, or it would have been £8.33 per application! I don't mind spending a lot of money on a high end product if it is going to last at least 8 weeks but I think this was a complete rip off for the price I paid. I am a little annoyed that I didn't notice that there was only 15ml in the pot before I purchased.
    I would recommend this product based on results but I have had the same result with other mud masks such as Good Things Five Minute Facial which is £3.99 for 100ml in Boots.
    Have you every made a rash purchase and gone on to regret it?


    1. I got this in my You Beauty Discovery box (they're offering it again in this month's box too). I wasn't fan unfortunately, I felt it did nothing for my skin. :(

      1. I bet you're glad you didn't pay full whack then Aaliyah! I was fortunate in that it seemed to work for me but I've only had three uses out of it so I feel really silly for buying it!

    2. Ooh I really want to try this!

    3. That looks so tiny! I've had a couple mud masques, but they all come in a huge tube. I'd be too scared to use this one!

      1. It lasted me three goes - very disappointed with the size :(


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