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Review | Wantable Makeup Box April 2014

This is the third Wantable Makeup Box that I've received. You will always receive four or five full size items that are expertly matched to your beauty profile. If you say you don't like glittery nail polish then you won't receive any and so on.

You can see my review of the first box here and the second box here! The first review explains the concept in more detail. If you are tempted to sign up I'd love it if you could use my referral link as I'll get $10 towards a future box.

I received my box promptly but I was on holiday when it arrived so I didn't open it until a week or so later. I was really excited as I've been happy with the two previous boxes I was sent. Boxes one and two both contained five full sized items and a free sample, so I was a tad disappointed to only receive four items in this box and no sample. The box was sparse and my heart sank because I've received yet another black mascara. The Golden Rose mascara from last month is still in the wrapping. More of that later...

I expected a lip product because I "love" them on my profile and was happy to receive a Liptini (as in martini, hence the cute packaging!) Lip Soda Plumping Lipstick by 'Tini Beauty in Razzle Dazzle. The name of the colour made me assume it was going to be brash and bold but I was wrong (thankfully!) The packaging is very classy and looks high end.

The lipstick retails for $18 (£10.75) and claims to be "spiked with gentle natural plumpers that offer instant and cumulative effects." The colour, Razzle Dazzle, is described as a metallic raspberry and it certainly is. When I first viewed the colour I knew it was perfect for me.

I used the lipstick the same evening and my goodness they weren't wrong about the tingling. I considered taking it off because it was irritating my lips so much. I know the whole concept behind lip plumpers is to irritate the lips to cause blood to rush to them giving a plumped up effect, so I stuck with it and the sensation only lasted a few minutes.

I really like this colour and the brand too. I would be interested in using more products from this brand. I don't think it had any real effect on the plumpness of my lips which is a shame as I've always been conscious of having a thin upper lip!

The scond item in my box is a Sorme Extreme Volumising Mascara in, naturally, black. The Wantable profile asks you to "love, like or dislike" certain items, and I "like" lash product. You then choose whether you "love, like or dislike" black or coloured mascaras. Brown seems to have been lumped in with colours. I only wear black mascara when I am going on a night out and want a dramatic makeup look. I have very pale skin and pale eyelashes and wearing black for work or a casual day out shopping is far too over the top - I know a lot of ladies love the dramatic look, but it isn't for me, at least not for everyday wear. I got in touch with Wantable via their Facebook page and asked them to consider brown or black/brown as a separate option. I haven't even opened the last black mascara I received from them, and I got two others from other beauty boxes last month.

The packaging itself was quite scratched which made me feel like this has been rolling around in storage for a while. The brush is no different to a million other mascara brushes. After expressing disappointment my husband suggested I start wearing the mascaras I've been sent in an effort to use them up. That night I used this mascara and it was quite clumpy and transferred easily to my eyelids so I had to touch up my eyeshadow. Now I've tried it I can't even pass it on to someone else who will make use of it, doh! Sorry Wantable, this item is a massive no from me, but probably because I got a black mascara from you last month too! This mascara retails for $19 (£11.35).

Item number 3 in this month's box is a Cailyn Cosmetics eyeliner pencil in, yes you've guessed it, black! Once again I do not use black eyeliner, even when I'm going for a dramatic look. I use brown for daytime and usually use a dark eyeshadow liner from the same colour range as my eyeshadow when I'm going out. I guess my dislike for black eye makeup stems from my youth when panda eyes were all the rage and young ladies weren't afraid to line their eyes in kohl several inches thick.

The eyeliner is worth $7 (£4.18). The picture below shows the liner before and after a good smudging! The pencil liner is very soft and does, as stated on the blurb provided by Wantable, "glide on smoothly, effortlessly". It does blend easily too. I have decided, because I've paid for it, to use this the next time I go out, just to spice things up a bit. I admit being very disappointed with two eye products I don't / won't use and even had a little rant at Wantable on their Facebook page about it. I really hope they change their colour choices for these two items because black, although classic and probably most people's default, is very boring! It is also far too harsh for fair ladies such as myself (if you're reading this and you're fair and you only use black, I urge you to try a brown or brown/black mascara for a less intimidating look! I have light blonde eyelashes so coating them in black is a huge no-no for daytime.)

Anyway, enough whinging (for now at least!) My favourite product in this month's box is the MiA BelleZZa Luxury Trio Eyeshadow in Mauvy. It can also double as a blusher if you're on the go!

The three colours are pink, mauve and plum. I used the pink as a base and the mauve as a highlighter over the lid. I then used the plum as a liner (see, not black!) The colours blend beautifully. Somewhat annoyingly the colour I will use the most, mauve, is the one that has the least in the palette, which as us Englsih say, is bloody typical!

The eyeshadow retails for $24.50 (£14.63) which is good value for three highly useable shades. I think I am going to get a lot of use out of this. You can see in the picture below that the eyeshadow is nicely pimented. I swatched the eyeshadow with and without a primer (primer above the line).

I would like to try more eyeshadows from this brand and particularly like that these are matte shades. I always end up with glitter all over my face when I use anything too sparkly! Like I said, this is my favourite item this month.

To summarise:

Cost of box: $36.00 / £21.50
(The exchange rate worked in my favour this month as last month's was £22.06!)
Value of contents: $68.50 / £40.90 
(Last month it was $81.81 / £49.16, adding to my disappointment!)
Cost with shipping & taxes: $51.00 / £30.46
Saving in sterling excuding shipping & taxes: £19.40
(last month was £27.10!)
(saving including shipping & taxes: £10.44)

The value of the box is much less than last month and I will only use two of the four items which means for £30.46 I will use items worth £25.38 which is not good value at all.

I know that everyone has an "off" box with every subscription service, and you can return the box for a refund but I am not paying to return the box because it will cost far too much. I knew this before buying so I can't complain too much about it - it just stings a little.

I've looked back at all of the items I've received in the three boxes and of the 14 full sized items I've received I only use 7 of them and only 3 of them regularly enough to consider them a successful introduction. I have therefore decided to skip a month and wait until the June box to decide if I want to continue. I think that if you get items that you will use that Wantable is still a brilliant concept. They do stick to your profile (at least in my opinion - I have read a review where Wantable's definition of 'nude' and their customer's definition varied and they lost a customer because of it!) and they have given wonderful customer service too. I think the profile questions need more of a tweak and I would suggest a free format section where people can input more about their beauty preferences. For example, in the mascara section I would like a free format section in which I could request brown or brown/black mascara.

I'd be really grateful if you could like my Facebook page. When I reach 100 likes I'll be doing a MAC giveaway, which has got to be a great incentive for a quick click, hasn't it?

Thanks for reading and as always I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. That is a nice lipstick color.

    I never would have thought the eye shadows would come out the color they did. They look much more neutral and brown in the container.

    1. I agree, they do look rather brown but they're lovely purple shades which is nice as I have tons of basic browns already! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Such a shame about the black eye products. Hopefully you'll get something more suitable next time. I've heard various youtubers talk about liptini, looks like a lovely colour. I've been considering signing up but as yet I've not taken the plunge. :-)

  3. I really like the look of the eyeshadow trio, right up my street! Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Award, I have done it before and it was so much fun, so I've added your name and blog to the post :) xx

    1. You're welcome - I really enjoy reading your blog :) x


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