Monday, 12 May 2014

Days Out | Barter Books - Keep Calm & Carry On!

Last week I wrote about my trip to Alnwick Castle and its connections to Harry Potter. Whilst I was in Alnwick I visited one of my favourite places - Barter Books.
Barter Books is a second hand book shop nestled inside a converted railway station. It still has many of the original features including the ticket office windows. There is a vast array of second hand books as well as DVDs, vinyl, antiquarian books and a huge children's section. In addition you'll also find a pleasant cafe, lots of cosy seating and a roaring fire in the winter months!

Keep calm and write a blogOne of the most interesting facts about Barter Books is that it is home to the original "Keep Calm" poster. As their website explains:
"After being forgotten for more than half a century, a rare original of the now famous WWII poster was rediscovered in a box of old books bought at auction in one of the largest and most popular secondhand bookshops in Britain - Barter Books.
When the bookshop owners had the poster framed and put up in the shop, customer interest was so great that in 2001 the couple started producing facsimile copies for sale - copies which were soon copied and recopied to make the Keep Calm poster one of the first truly iconic images of the 21st century."
There is absolutely no denying that the "Keep Calm" logo is a modern day phenomena, and its rediscovery is all down to the folks at Barter Books. Naturally you can buy a whole range of "Keep Calm" products at the shop itself but at very reasonable prices. Just look at the range of "Keep Calm" slogans and derivatives that I found via a quick Google search:
I like "Keep Calm and Rock On" and "Eat Chocs and Hide Mirror" the best! So, the next time you see a "Keep Calm" poster you can wow your friends with some trivia about the origins of "one of the first truly iconic images of the 21st century"!
During this visit I didn't have any particular purchase plans in mind but I found myself drawn for the first time to the "beauty" section (shock horror!) There was a copy of Bobbi Brown's 1997 book Bobbi Brown Beauty: The Ultimate Beauty Resource  for £6.60 which I snapped up. I knew when I bought it that it would be a little dated but it was a great read all the same! Some of the tips are very much out of date because it was written when trends were different but also before certain products became available. For example, in this book Bobbi says you should use a puff to powder your eyelids to make eye makeup last longer, but today we have what seems like a million and one different primers to choose from! Some of the advice is, however, timeless, and I really enjoyed some of the tricks of the trade. I'm now tempted to invest in her more up to date books. Any suggestions?
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  1. YAY Barter Books! I love that place! Do they still have the wee model railway going around the tops of the bookcases? xx

    1. They do indeed! I love wondering around in there, it's very therapeutic! :D


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