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Review | Wantable Makeup Box May 2014

This is my fourth Wantable box. You may recall in my April Wantable review that I said I was going to pause my subscription because I received yet another black mascara and eyeliner. I did pause it. And then I un-paused it. I guess that I can't stand the thought of losing out on something. I saw on their Facebook page that they had some sparkly new brands in stock so I un-paused the subscription and waited eagerly for my box to arrive!

Wantable Makeup Box May 2014

The cost of the box varies slightly each month due to fluctuations in the exchange rate so this month the box was $36 / £21.43 plus $15 / £8.93 taxes and shipping. In total the box was $51 / £30.36.

What I received:

MiA BelleZZa Luxury Trio Eyeshadow "Browny" RRP $24.50 (£14.59)
I got one of these eyeshadows in the April box in the shade "Mauvy" which I loved and have used it several times a week since. I was glad to receive this version because I use a lot of brown eyeshadows for daytime looks. The only drawback is that you get the smallest amount of the colour I will use most and copious amounts of the colour I will use least. The formula is very creamy and it blends well on my lids.

Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer "Hex" RRP $14.00 (£8.34)
I received this polish in the March box in the shade "Spellbound" and I wasn't impressed with the formula - it was streaky and it took four coats before it wasn't transparent. The "Hex" shade is described as a "cobalt polish" with "micro-fine flecks of teal and turquoise". It is definitely a gorgeous colour although possibly more suited to winter. It took two coats to manage full coverage and it did take a little longer than I like to dry. However, the colour is so beautiful that I didn't mind. I topped it off with a long wearing top coat but within 24 hours there was chipping on the ends of several nails. I was disappointed I have to admit. Perhaps it's because I do a lot of typing at work that it chipped so easily but even cheaper brands like Rimmel last longer than a day. As gorgeous as the colour is I am not sure I would go out of my way to buy this brand as there are better formulae out there. Sorry Wantable and Jordan Liberty!

Wantable Makeup Box May 2014

'Tini Beauty Swizzle Stick Eyeliner "Dirty Martini" RRP $18.00 (£10.72)
Again, this is a brand that I received in last month's box but it was a pretty raspberry colour lipstick. When I saw the eyeliner my little heart sank. It sank even further when I saw the colour swatch on the end of the box because it looked black. I took it out of the box straight away and was pleased to see it was an olive green. I love coloured eyeliners so this is right up my alley. I've used it a couple of times and it's got a nice formula. It is very difficult to remove with eye makeup remover too so it's definitely long lasting!

Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Eye Colour Palette "Girls on Film" RRP $14.99 (£8.92)
I'd seen this brand mentioned on the Wantable Facebook page and was immediately attracted by the unusual name (I'm easily swayed at times) so I was very pleased to see something from their range in my box. I was a little apprehensive when I saw the shades in the palette. They're a little out of my comfort zone if I'm honest but then I read the information that came with the box and it said "take a chance and try something new" and I thought "yes, it's about time!" The colours themselves are highly pigmented and they go on a dream. I've managed to use "snap shot" and "screen test" to create a nice daytime smokey eye and I can't wait to experiment with the other colours too. If you've any suggestions or tips on how to use this palette please let me know in the comments!

Eddie Funkhouser Girls on Film

Cost of box: $36.00 / £21.43
(The exchange rate worked in my favour this month as last month's was £22.50!)
Value of contents: $71.49 / £42.56
(Last month it was $68.50 / £40.90)
Cost with shipping & taxes: $51.00 / £30.36
Saving in sterling excluding shipping & taxes: £35.49
(saving including shipping & taxes: £20.49)
I got five items in my first and second box but the last two have only had four items (and no more free samples either!) and the value has fallen from £50 to £42 since February. Of course, the value is really only based on what you will use and I will use everything in this box (although the nail polish will be kept for non-working days to avoid chipping!) I'm going to spice things up and completely change my profile again to say that I am willing to receive things that "scare me" a little like blusher and brow products.
Overall I really liked this month's box. Did you get Wantable this month? If so please leave your link in the comments section!
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  1. That looks like a nice box, but honestly it is almost double the price of some other boxes out there! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. It is indeed more expensive but the concept is different in that this isn't a sample box - you get 4 or 5 full sized items in the box, never sample sizes. I got stuff worth £35.49 more than I paid for it and I will use all of the things. Their boxes are highly personalised too and they offer a refund policy if you don't like the box. It is a diffrent concept to GlossyBox, Birchbox etc :)

  2. I love Wantable and this makeup box looks like a good 'un. They offer great value for money considering that they always contain full size boutique products. It's also almost impossible to get anything you don't like as the customization options are so extensive! :)

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    P.S. I've got a Wantable Beauty Box Giveaway up on my blog atm!


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