Monday, 9 June 2014

Memory Monday #1

Yesterday, whilst writing an epically long post about my terrible music choices as a teenager, I triggered all kinds of childhood memories. With this in mind I thought I'd create my own mini-series of blog posts and for the forseeable future I hope to share some of the memories that make me smile, laugh and even cry - welcome to Memory Monday.

This is my dad. He's called Dad. I think he might have had another name once upon a time (Colin maybe?!) but since Thursday 11th August 1983 he's been Dad. I sat down and wrote a long list of memories that I'd like to share over the coming months and about 80% of them seemed to feature him in some way - either as the victim or the perpetrator of some ridiculousness or another!

Dad doesn't look like this any more; he's a little wider in the face and his ginger strawberry blond hair is a little less 'bushy', shall we say. Still, I thought this would be a nice picture to use to introduce you to my dad. Since he's going to feature heavily in Memory Monday I thought you should at least be able to imagine him!

Memory Monday #1
When I was a child my dad used to work shifts. He would often conk out on the settee when he was probably supposed to be supervising my brother and I. On one such occasion, before my brother was born (so I would have been about 3 years old) and whilst my mum was at work, I took it upon myself to grab my dad a delicious cold treat. I loaded up a spoon with lashings of ice-cream and took it through to the lounge to feed to my snoring father.

Imagine the scene: Dad in a nice cosy armchair, head back, tongue lolling, gentle snorts emitting from his open mouth as he dreamt of football, motorbikes and Anneka Rice. I poked him a little to wake him and waved the spoon, pushing it towards his open mouth. "Ice-cream Daddy!" I imagine I said, "nice ice-cream for Daddy!"

Now being a good father, and one who had just awoken from slumber (a slumber he shouldn't have been in in the first place!) he automatically opened his mouth to receive the delicious cold sweet treat...

Except it wasn't ice-cream. It was lard. 100% pure lard.

It took all day for my dad to get rid of the sticky, greasy feeling from his mouth. He drank nearly boiling water and even used soap to try and rinse away the taste of pure pig fat. Sorry Dad, we can laugh about it now, right?!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the first Memory Monday and that you'll join me again next week for more!

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