Monday, 16 June 2014

Memory Monday #2

Welcome to the second edition of Memory Monday. You can read the first post and find out about the inspiration behind the mini-series right here!

Memory Monday #2
As a child I often had hiccups. On one such occasion the tried and tested method of drinking from the wrong side of the glass had not cured said hiccups. I imagine my parents were getting fed up of my constant hic hic hic-ing and endless associated moaning. So my dad (remember MM#1? I said he'd feature heavily!) took it upon himself to see if another traditional method of hiccup eradication would work... he decided to use "shock tactics".
Now most people jump out from behind a door or shout "boo" mid-conversation when trying to scare a 9 year old, but not my dad, oh no, he's never done things by halves!
In order to scare the hiccups out of his daughter my dad ran up the stairs with a meat cleaver and waved it wildly a la the shower scene from Psycho... I wasn't just scared; I was petrified. Cue non-stop crying and a very angry mother. 
The question is though, did it cure my hiccups? Yes. Yes it did. It also gave me a lifelong fear of sharp knives. I still recoil if someone is using one in my presence. Thanks Dad!
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed Memory Monday and that you'll join me again next week for more!
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  1. lol! Brilliant!! Dads are timeless :) x

  2. Hah love your dads idea! Also really like this idea for a series - keep it up :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Very funny again. I'm sure your Dad is lovely, but going off these it's surprising you haven't got major issues:)


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