Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review | Liz Earle Signature Foundation

A few weeks ago whilst wandering the beauty hall at John Lewis in Newcastle I happened upon the Liz Earle counter. A very nice lady tried to sell me some Cleanse & Polish but upon discovering I already use it she tried her hand at selling me some foundation instead. I was late to meet a friend so she wasn't successful but during our five minute chat I became convinced that their lightest shade, porcelain, was the perfect shade for me.

I came home and ordered the foundation online and within three days I received my package.
The Liz Earle Signature Foundation is £21 for 25ml which I think puts it in the mid-price range. Most of the high end foundations I own are upwards of £30 so I was hoping for great things from this foundation. It seemed to have it all - an affordable price tag, natural ingredients, a shade to match my skin and a great reputation.

The packaging is very plain and simple, which I like in a high end non-gimmicky product. The pump is made from white plastic which did make it feel a little less expensive but at least it had a pump - a lot of foundations don't these days (I'm looking at you, NARS!)

The Liz Earle website describes the foundation as:

"Our delicate, silky formula offers easy-to-build coverage and glides on to give a smooth, radiant finish and an even, natural-looking complexion."

Having tested the formula on the back of my hand in store I bought this thinking it would give a medium coverage and I stand by that. The formula isn't overly runny (like L'Oreal True Match which has often run off the back of my hand before I've had time to apply it!) but it wasn't too thick as to scare me into thinking it was going to give mask-like coverage. The colour is described as "very fair, neutral toned for alabaster complexion" which describes my skin perfectly.

What was the product like? Well, I'm afraid to say it just wasn't suitable for me. I put some on the back of my hand ready to apply and by the time I'd grabbed my stippling brush I noticed some colour changing around the edges. Sure enough when I rubbed it into my hand the edges very quickly oxidised to an orange colour. Not one to be deterred (it cost £21 after all!) I applied it to my face. I purposely didn't tell my husband that I thought it a little "Tango-esque" before asking his opinion but his attempts not to laugh made it clear I was right - it had oxidised to an horrendous orange shade.

Now had the colour not been enough of a deal breaker the scent itself would have been enough for me to bin it. I've read lots of reviews mentioning the delicate plant scent and how refreshing it is, however I found it absolutely disgusting. I know this is a very personal view because nobody else I've spoken to has noticed this but I found the scent overpowering and most unpleasant. I could smell it long after application and it lingered until I removed it. Please note I didn't leave the house looking orange, I just left it on to test the longevity whilst I pottered around.

Luckily Liz Earle have a fantastic returns policy. I called their helpline and spoke to Abbie who gave me their freepost address and I sent it back. The refund went back into my bank today about a week after I posted it. I applaud Liz Earle's friendly customer service policy and I wish more companies did this.

Sadly the Liz Earle Signature Foundation isn't for me; the colour and formula just weren't right for my skin which goes to show that what can be perfect for one person can be horrendous for another! Of course I will continue to use and try other products in the Liz Earle range and I'm most looking forward to trying their Cleanse & Polish Orange Flower & Chamomile Limited Edition which I'm going to pick up at the weekend.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. It's a shame you didn't like this. I haven't tried any Liz Earl make up but always see raved reviews. Like you said it goes to show not everyone is the same.
    LouLovesbeauty xxx

    1. Yes, the search continues for the "Holy Grail" :-(

  2. Wow!! The transformation in that swatch is amazing. I'm so glad you've put this up, because I too am a sucker for trying out foundation's that claim they are "porcelain" - they are clearly not ones for us and our pale skins :o(. Very useful post and I'm very grateful for it though!

    Amie-Pants | Hellbentforlipstick

    1. It oxidised very quickly which I didn't notice in the shop but then these places always have artificial lighting so you never can tell unless you're outside! Such a shame as I had high hopes!

    2. I am very disappointed with the foundation, I had the same experience as you. I tried the foundation for the first time today by the time I came home from shopping I had a very orange face. And my face was very dry and sore. I went straight into the bath room and wash off. And the foundation went in the bin.£21 down the pan.!!!

    3. If you call their customer services they may be able to offer you a refund? Such a shame when a foundation doesn't work out, isn't it?

    4. If you call their customer services they may be able to offer you a refund? Such a shame when a foundation doesn't work out, isn't it?

  3. I really liked the formula initially, but it didn't wear well on me at all. I also tried Porcelain and it was too dark for me - finding a match for ghostly pale skin is so hard! Siberia from Nars is the closest I've found so far...


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