Monday, 8 September 2014

Memory Monday #5

This edition of Memory Monday is about the time I got my first dog.

My family have always had dogs; I was born into a household with an Old English Sheepdog (or Dulux dog as everyone used to refer to him) named Cromby and a pitiful little mongrel called Candy. After Cromby passed away we got another Old English Sheepdog, Boot. I knew that I'd have my own when I moved out. In 2007 my now husband and I bought a house and the day after we moved in we adopted our first puppy - Monty.

Name: Monty
Date of birth: February 2007.
Date adopted: 20th April 2007
Age: 7
Nicknames: Montelmousse, Montamus, Montels, Nub, Snout Face, Big Dog... and many, many more!
Breed: Lucher. Lurchers are really cross-breeds and are generally made up of a sighthound (greyhound, saluki, whippet, deerhound etc.) crossed with something else. Monty's mother was a greyhound and his father was a saluki. Our other dog, Buddy, is a greyhound crossed with a collie and this is obvious by the massive difference in their temperaments!
Height: Floor to top of head - 32" (the top of his head reaches to my hip)
Weight: 28kg

We went to visit Monty at the farm two weeks before we brought him home. The picture above is of him with his 'breeder'. This guy was a total idiot and with hindsight we shouldn't really have bought a dog from him because when we picked Monty up he was covered in fleas and had worms, poor little thing. 

As a puppy Monty was very naughty. He used to chew anything and everything and for the first two years we used to take him to a doggy day creche during the day when we were at work because he just couldn't be left alone. Honestly, we only had to go outside to the car and he'd eat or chew something. He once managed to jump onto a counter top and pull down an entire lasagne which was well out of reach of human hands, let alone dog snouts! When we came home the glass dish was smashed all over the floor and he'd carefully licked the food from every shard. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He also once ate the kettle and an entire packet of my contraceptive pill. When it became too much of a hassle to take him to a creche every day we found him a dog sitter and he went there instead. Eventually when he was about two and a half we decided to try him out on his own. We went shopping and when we came home he hadn't chewed anything. It was an expensive two years!

From day one we could tell Monty was going to be a tall dog due to his large feet. Obviously given his breed he's quite skinny although he has very powerful legs and can run exceptionally fast (he's half greyhound after all!) He likes to play and he loves being chased by other dogs. The problem is they're normally too small to play the way he wants to play so we tend not to let him off lead when there's other dogs around - he's too boisterous!

Temperament wise Monty is very laid back. He rarely gets over excited about things. He's not overly affectionate and doesn't seek out cuddles like other dogs. He's independent and is happy to keep himself amused. He's a wonderful big brother to Buddy, who we got when Monty was five years old. He lets Buddy bite his face, jump on him and generally be a pain in the arse.

I worry that Monty is getting on a bit but he's still faster than Buddy who struggles to keep up with him so that makes me believe he's got a fair few years left with us.

Have you got any dogs, or are you more of a cat person?


  1. Awwww, dogs!

    I'm more of a cat person, lol. I like dogs but I don't think I could deal with the drooling and all that. Though to be fair I didn't think I'd want to be licked by a cat either until I got my first cat. The smell of pet food still makes me nauseous though. I miss my cat eeeeeevery day, sigh. There are two cats in the place I moved into last week and it's great because I don't have to feed them or clean them but I still get occasional cuddles. I'm trying to be responsible and not seek out the one who likes to sleep with me every night. I just. I love cats. But this room seems to have a moth around every night (doesn't bother me luckily) and the cat goes a bit crazy at random hours of the night and won't let me sleep. /o\

  2. Ohhh my word how cute . never had dogs /x

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  4. Oh they are beautiful! We adopted a rescue lurcher from Ireland 3 weeks ago. She's a greyhound/whippet cross and can run like the wind!! She also chews anything she can, steals food and is too boisterous for little dogs, including our Jack Russell. But she is so so beautiful and a pleasure to be around. Fingers crossed she quits the chewing thing! She's around 1-2 years old.


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