Friday, 5 September 2014

What's in my handbag?

I've seen this blogger tag doing the rounds since the day I started reading blogs. It's one of my favourites because I'm such a nosy person!

Since I was old enough to carry a handbag my friends have mocked me for having "everything but the kitchen sink" with me at all times. Hell, if it wasn't so odd looking I'd take my handbag on a night out but instead I'm forced to scale down and take a clutch. Damn you convention!


Where's it from: La Redoute. You can find it here.
Cost: It currently retails for £99 but I paid about £50 because I had a discount code.
Details: Leather shopper. Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap plus handles. Zipped front pocket. Zipped pocket and mobile phone pocket inside. Cotton lining. Size 34 x 34 x 9 cm.

I bought this bag because it was big enough for all my junk and it had shoulder straps that weren't too short so as to be unusable. I never use the detachable strap.

1. Wipes. These are actually 'feminine hygiene' wipes but I use them for pretty much everything since they're pH balanced and have aloe vera in them. They're particularly handy for wiping makeup from the back of my hand when I'm testing them!
2. Business card holder. I got this free with my business cards. I'm often too embarrassed to give people one so it's a bit redundant really.

3. Purse. I'll go into more detail later.

4. Makeup bag. Again, I'll show you what's in here a little later!

5. Glitter hearts. I didn't even know these were still rolling around in my handbag! I got these from the table at a work event at the end of June. I always take home table confetti or sparkly table decorations. I guess I just like to have a keepsake. Either that or I'm a magpie!

6. Hairbrush. This is a mini Denman. I've always used Denman and always will just because Mum always did and old habits die hard.

7. Lip products. These two were loose in my bag rather than being in the makeup bag. The MAC lipstick is Viva Glam IV and the little pot is a red lip stain by FACE Stockholm.

8. Random pens. I've got two black pens and a two Stabilo point 88 fine liners in purple and erm, another shade of purple. I love writing in purple!

9. Glasses cleaning cloth. I wear specs and there's nothing worse than needing to clean them and not having a cloth handy. My husband can wear glasses that are splattered in god knows what but I can't even wear them if they've got a tiny speck on so I'm always reaching for this!


Where it's from: Button spot global wallet from Cath Kidston.
Cost: £38
Details: 19.5 cm x 9 x 3 cm, 24 credit card slots - includes 1 plastic window, leather tab fastening.

I've got all the usual stuff in there - driver's license, bank cards, Boots Advantage card, Cineworld Unlimited Card, Space NK card, National Trust membership. It's always rammed with receipts and other random crap too. I've got a couple of US dollars too, apparently it's lucky..?

1. Aveeno hand cream. I love this - it sinks in easily and isn't greasy.

2. MAC lip conditioner SPF 15. This smells delicious and this pot is very nearly finished. As you can see I have a lot of lip products but then I buy others before they're used up which is why I have 7 different lip products in my handbag!

3. Blistex urgent relief & Vaseline rosy lips. More lip products. Not much to say really, except to admit I've got a problem!

4. Owl earrings. I've no idea why they are in my makeup bag. I must have taken them off whilst out and about and stored them in there. They're now safely back in my jewellery box!

5. Compeed blister plasters. I have a thing about my feet. If my feet hurt in any way I get grumpy so I've got these in case my shoes start to rub.

6. Rimmel Apocolips (Galaxy). Another lip product... oh my.

7. Paracetamol. For pain relief, obviously!

8. No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in 'translucent'.

9. Compeed anti-blister stick. Just to prove my point about not wanting to have sore feet!

10. Lens cleaner. Like I said earlier I can't stand having dirty specs!

11. Lollipop. I got this at a the same work event as the glitter stars. A member of the senior civil service gave it to me and it's a funny memory so it reminds me of a happy time.

12. Fresh breath spray. I am obsessed with cleaning my teeth and only smelling of mint when I talk to people, hence this. I also keep Listerine in my drawer at work.

13. Clinique Chubby Stick in 'raisin berry'. I've had this for about five years and it's still a 'go to' for a quick dose of colour and moisture.

14. Kleenex shine absorbing sheets. These are my summer saviours. You can read my review here but let's just say I'm never without them!

And that's it folks - a look into my handbag. As you can see there's no kitchen sink but I like to think there's something in there to help me through the majority of every day scenarios.

I love this tag so if you've done it please leave your link in the comments as I'd love to read it!


  1. Ah, what a fun post. I'm mega nosy too, so it's interesting to see what you have lurking in your bag. It's made me think I really ought to get a business card holder.

    1. Mine could do with a good polish - and it's about time I got around to using it too!

  2. Great post, love having a nosy ... those owl earrings look so cute xxx

    1. Thanks Andrea I got them from Lyla Rose, a company I found via Twitter!

  3. That bag looks awesome! I keep meaning to do a post (or a vlog) like this but then I end up taking all my stuff out of the bag before I get around to it. I did get pictures at one point... in May, and never posted them. Oops.

    Love having a look at what people carry. I have a business card holder that I made for myself (as part of a photo-printed fabric collection thing I never quite got off the ground) but I ended up using it to hold my normal cards. I could use a proper wallet.

    1. You should definitely do a vlog! I love this tag because I'm nosy but it also gives me ideas :D

  4. Lovely post, and I love those earrings!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Thank you - I got them from Lyla Rose via Twitter!

  5. Great post! I love reading posts like this as I'm nosy! :) I love that bag!

  6. I love your bag! Your polka dot wallet is the cutest!


    1. Thank you! It is pretty big just to fit all my junk in it!

  7. Lovely bag! I love the purse too, one of my favourite patterns! xx


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