Thursday, 30 October 2014

Review | LOLA Makeup by Perse Colour Intense Liquid Lipstick

It isn't often that I enter competitions on Facebook or Twitter but when I saw that LOLA were giving away their new liquid lipsticks I thought I'd give it a go. I was lucky enough to win one of their Colour Intense Liquid Lipsticks in shade 004 (catchy...)

LOLA Makeup by Perse is available exclusively in Marks & Spencer stores. It's a range that I don't know a lot about aside from that they're a British brand created for professional makeup artists. I've been using their liquid foundation in shade 030 (fair) for the past year and I'd go as far as to say it's my Holy Grail foundation for daytime. I always browse the LOLA stand when I'm in M&S but to date still only own the foundation, and now this lipstick.

LOLA describe the lipstick thus:

This semi-matte, full coverage, creamy liquid lipstick is a real treat for the lips! Strong pigments deliver rich indulgent colour with staying power. Thanks to sunflower seed wax and a blend of oils, the formula is extremely smooth upon application and feels soft on the lips, creating a gloss that dries quickly but doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry and chapped. Added vitamin E helps to neutralise free radical damage and the built-in brush applicator ensures a flawless application.

Sounds great, right? Well, I'm not going to beat around the bush with this review - you can stop reading after this sentence if you like because I'm going to sum it up for you now: I didn't like it.

I love the packaging - it looks sleek and sophisticated. That's where my love affair ends I'm afraid. I don't want to be harsh because I won this, but I'm sure glad I didn't pay £12.00 for it in store.

The colour that I won (the imaginatively titled shade 004) was an instant disappointment. I do not suit pale pink. It is very nearly the same colour as my lips so I may as well not wear it anyway. However, you could definitely tell I had something on my lips, which brings me on to my next point...

The liquid lipstick formula is quite thick and when I applied it it left streaks on my lips instead of a smooth look. I exfoliate and use lip balms so my lips were not chapped and didn't have any dry patches but the lipstick seems to collect in clumps on my lower lip. It accentuated all the fine lines on my lips which is something I've never experienced with a lip product.

Not only did the lipstick look streaky but it instantly attached itself to my teeth and wouldn't budge without a hefty scrub (a quick tongue flick didn't shift it!) I've never ever worn a lipstick that ended up on my teeth. Perhaps that's a side effect of a liquid lippie?!

I can't comment on the wear time because I took it off. Sure, the lipstick was quick drying but it also made my lips feel tight.

All in all I wanted to adore this lipstick because I love the LOLA foundation that I use, and I don't think this item is indicative of the rest of the range but I'm not used to this type of lip product and it isn't for me. I think I'll pass on the liquid lipstick craze and stick to traditional lippies in future.

Have you tried anything from this range, or other liquid lipsticks? What did you think? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. Oh dear! Well, at least you didn't pay for it but I guess that doesn't stop disappointment. It's pretty poor though that it left a trail on your teeth! Tx

    1. It looked a lot more clumpy in person too!

  2. Oh no what a shame! I love all my Lola products! :( xx

    1. I love their foundation and I'm going to buy their lip primer as I see it has won a few awards lately. I'm hoping this was just a duff freebie to be honest!


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