Monday, 29 December 2014

Music | Gigs 2014 July - December

Earlier this year I wrote about the gigs I'd been to in the first half of the year. Since then I've been to a few more...

12th September - Edguy at Sound Control, Manchester
I've already written a little about this gig in a Wednesday Whine post about tall people. Edguy are a power metal band from Germany. They're fun, loud and enthusiastic. Having paid for tickets, a hotel, petrol and food it wasn't a cheap jaunt out, but I spent most of the gig staring at the back of a Rammstein t-shirt. Honestly, click the link above and all will be explained.  


6th October - The Treatment at Think Tank? Newcastle 

The Treatment are a rock band from Cambridge. They're highly stylised (think black leather and shades) and have some cracking tunes. They're all round rifftastic! The venue was a new one for me and I was glad that they had a small raised seating area so that I could watch them without being stamped on by over zealous rock fans. The venue was intimate, which I loved. One of my favourite gigs of the year!

 27th October - Twin Atlantic at o2 Academy Newcastle
I bought these tickets based on the fact that I loved the Scottish rockers' first album. I then bought the second and wasn't really that impressed. There were only one or two stand out tracks and the lyrics were out of time with the music itself (I'm kicking myself now because I know that has a specific name but I just can't think of it!) Anyway, the gig itself was OK. I sat on a bar stool at the back so I could hear lots of people talking (read more about that here!) and the friend I was with wasn't that into them either. All in all it was a bit of a lacklustre affair.
28th October - Asia at Sage Gateshead
Asia were founded in 1981 and have been around ever since in one form or another. I went to see them at one of the best music venues in the North East of England with a friend who loves his old school prog rock! I really enjoyed the gig, not least because the elevated stage made it easy for me to see, but because the music spoke for itself! Sometimes it's nice to just see a band doing what they do without any cocky showmanship, and that's what this gig was! 

   7th November - Y&T and o2 Academy Newcastle
This is a terrible admission but I really don't recall seeing this band. I have the ticket and I know I was there, but I went with the aforementioned prog rock fan and I'd never listened to the band before (or since) and I'm really struggling to remember anything about the gig. Obviously nothing bad happened (nobody stood on me, or in front of me!) or it would be memorable for that reason. Oh well!  
8th November - Joanne Shaw Taylor at Stockton ARC
Another purpose built venue with tiered seating, yay! I'd never heard of JST before seeing her live but I'm so glad I did. I admit I'm not usually a fan of blues rock but she was am-ay-zing! Talent just oozed from her. She was supported by Bernie Marsden who used to be in Whitesnake. It was a really intimate gig and just sitting there listening to the 'killer licks, soaring guitar solos and heart wrenching vocals' was a joy from beginning to end!
The Gaslight Anthem are one of my absolute favourite bands, so when I heard they were playing some UK dates I didn't hesitate to book tickets to see them in Edinburgh! I combined the event with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo and made something of a weekend of it!.The gig itself was rammed; I didn't want to miss out on being as close as possible which did mean I was quite uncomfortably hot and sweaty people kept touching me, but the music was worth it.  
They played a few too many new songs for my liking (I don't dislike their new stuff, I just LOVE their older stuff more!) and they stuck to the 11pm curfew as if their lives depended on it. Lead singer Brian Fallon spent too long chatting when he could have been playing, only to realise this later on and have the band whizz through their set to make sure they played it all! I'm not sure why they have a touring guitarist; that always leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but all in all it was a great gig and I'm glad I made the effort to go!
  4th December - Reckless Love at o2 Academy Newcastle
I last saw Finnish glam metal band Reckless Love in 2013 and since then they haven't released any new material, but here they were back on tour and I couldn't resist their high octane show so off I went! The gig was marred a little by some drunken oaf who just wouldn't stop knocking into me and creating a scene which really annoyed everyone around us. The band were on top form but after less than 75 minutes they played their finale and left. The crowd were not happy. My friend and I had left the venue but were told by security that they were coming back to do three more songs because of crowd pressure! They did two more songs if I recall but the general consensus was that the set should have been way, way longer!

15th December - Rival Sons at o2 Academy Newcastle
I'd only heard one song by Californian rock band Rival Sons before going to see them. I ended up standing next to a guy with the loudest whistle known to man (it was so loud that the sound engineer asked him to stop whistling) but it didn't detract from the great music. Going there without knowing what kind of music they played or what to expect was a real bonus because it meant I could just listen and enjoy without trying to sing along for a change! The band have been described as 'blues rock' and and an "electrifying blend of Led Zeppelin, Free, Bad Company, Deep Purple and the Doors." The following evening the band had to cancel their show because the lead singer was ill so I'm glad I caught them whilst I did! 
That sums up my musical journey though 2014. Have you been to any gigs this year? If so, what was your favourite? Have you got any planned for 2015? Do let me know in the comments below! 


  1. Wow you've been to loads of gigs this year. I used to go to loads but haven't had the time lately to go to any. Would love to go to more next year though x

  2. Oh god you've been to so many gigs! I'm not really into this kind of music, however several of my friends are and always go to gigs and they're always trying to get me to go, maybe I should?

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