Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Things That Scare Me

If you ask people what scares them you'll get a wide array of answers from spiders to death, and everything in-between. Personally I've never been afraid of spiders; they really don't bother me as I'm a gazillion times bigger and scarier than they are and armed with a sturdy shoe I think I can take on even the scariest of beasts native to the UK!

I've made a list of the five things that scare me most (at the moment!) and I think you'll be surprised at a couple of them! Read on to find out more...

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2015

I never make New Year's Resolutions. OK, that's a lie. I make New Year's Resolutions in my head and never tell anyone about them for fear of failing, and that's what generally happens; I fail. Every year I eat a little too much over Christmas (eating a whole Terry's Chocolate Orange for breakfast counts as a 'little too much', right?!) and decide I'll lose weight and be a size 10 by the time I go on holiday in March. To date I've made this secret resolution three years in a row and to date I've only even been a size 10 once and that was when I was 10. Anyway. I digress... this year I've made a couple of really easy to stick to resolutions that won't make me a nicer person, a slimmer person or indeed even a healthier person, but they might just make me a little happier!

1. Wear earrings more often.
I've got so many pairs of unworn earrings that I could start a jewellery store. I love wearing earrings because I really think they can finish off an outfit to perfection. So this year I'm going to make the effort to wear earrings more often. Usually I remember when I'm running out the door and can't spare a moment to pop back upstairs and pick a pair but from hereon in I vow to be more organised when it comes to earrings!

2. Write more letters.
There was a time, about 10 years ago, when I wrote letters on an almost weekly basis. My maternal Grandmother lives in Derbyshire (about 150 miles away) so I don't get to see her very often, and a very special friend lives in Surrey and I get to see her even less often!

My friend and I used to write to each other all the time, and in fact we first became friends through being 'pen-pals'! I guess that being able to speed type has made sending a quick email or Facebook message so much more easier than sitting down and writing a letter, but I'm definitely going to find the time in 2015! I have so many beautiful letter writing sets that it seems a shame to waste them.

3. Read more books.
I used to consume books at a frightening rate! As a teenager I would often stay awake into the early hours in order to "finish this chapter" and end up falling asleep with the book on my face. This year I've read fewer than 10 books (*shocked face*) and nowadays, since I spend so much time at the cinema, or out and about (or at work, sadly!) I just don't seem to have the time anymore. I received several new books for Christmas and, combined with the ones I've yet to make a start on, I've quite the collection waiting. I suspect a lot of my time is lost to social media (see resolution 4!) so 2015 is going to be the year I make a start on the ever increasing pile of books I've got to read!

4. Spend less time on social media.
I suspect that I'm not the only person who lies in bed at night checking and re-checking social media feeds in the hope that someone else is awake and Tweeting about makeup or feminism at 2.36am. I go to bed and instead of just going to sleep I spend an inordinate amount of time pressing refresh on Facebook. The same goes for my morning routine; I wake up, switch off my alarm and start checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, my emails (all three) and the news. It's time consuming and pointless - my life is no better off for doing this but I always end up with far less time than I need to get ready. I've decided that 2015 is the year I stop putting the virtual world before the people who are right there in front of me.

5. Read Empire Magazine.
I've had a subscription to Empire Magazine for about three years now. My coffee table is piled high with all the limited edition subscriber only copies and yet I've probably read less than 20% of them cover to cover. The magazine arrives and I flip straight to the film review pages, scan for films I'm interested in the most, and then leave it on the bedroom floor until the next issue arrives. It's a waste of money and it's a waste of a good magazine because on the rare occasion I read the articles I find that I really enjoy it! So in 2015 I will vow to actually read the magazine!

6. Use up one product before buying another!
Again, I don't think I'm the only person who's guilty of this. I see a body scrub and I buy it, despite knowing I've got about 5 stockpiled at home already. I do this with most products - bleach, toothpaste, shampoo, lip balm, face serum... you name it, I've got tons of it! I subscribe to a lot of beauty boxes so I've got a box rammed full of samples that need using up but instead I'll buy a full sized product "just because". So, this year I will use up what I've got before buying another!

So there are my six New Year's Resolutions for 2015. I think the easiest will be to wear earrings more often and the hardest will be to reduce the amount of time I spend using social media.

What are your resolutions? Have you ever managed to keep them beyond the end of January? Let me know in the comments below.