Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Things That Scare Me

If you ask people what scares them you'll get a wide array of answers from spiders to death, and everything in-between. Personally I've never been afraid of spiders; they really don't bother me as I'm a gazillion times bigger and scarier than they are and armed with a sturdy shoe I think I can take on even the scariest of beasts native to the UK!

I've made a list of the five things that scare me most (at the moment!) and I think you'll be surprised at a couple of them! Read on to find out more...

I didn't have a problem with frogs when I was younger but once I cottoned on to the fact that my late Mum hated them I was suddenly afraid of them too. I guess that solves the nature versus nurture debate in one fell swoop huh?!

I guess what I don't like about them (or more accurately, what my Mum didn't like about them) was that they hop around, they're slimy and they're unpredictable. Whenever I see one I have this (possibly irrational) thought that it's about to jump at me and flail its slimy legs.

No, not the type that plagues you when you've wolfed down your dinner, but wind of the weather variety. I don't mean a gentle breeze on a winter's day, but extreme gusts that cause trees to fall into the roads, my back fence to fall down and the house to shake to its very foundations. Wind scares me because it's invisible; you can't rationalise it to someone who doesn't understand it. It can be very destructive and yet you can't even see the deadly menace! When it's windy I have to wear earplugs to bed because the noise of it whipping around outside fills me with dread.

In 1995 my family visited Florida and were caught up in Hurricane Erin. I remember the hotel was swaying, water was pouring in and palm trees were lashing against the windows. Perhaps that's where my fear came from? The only upside to that whole incident was that Universal Studios was very quiet the next day and there weren't any queues...

Yeah, I know this is quite a common one but just thinking about having a blood test or injection makes me weak. The reality of it is never as bad as the picture I build up in my head beforehand but even typing this is making me feel sick. I used to work in a doctor's surgery and I don't mind the sight of blood or injuries or even other people's vomit (but don't get my started on sputum samples, BLEUGH!) but when it comes to the thought of someone trying to extract blood from me or stick a tiny little needle in my arm I go to pieces! Moving on...

I've summed this one up as 'failure' although it constitutes a multitude of smaller fears. Failure, for me, comes in all kinds of forms, from not winning a board game or quiz, to not getting the job that was perfect for me.

I hate not getting the highest mark in a quiz or not winning at a board game. I love Scrabble but I won't play with anyone who I know it more wordy than I am and even when I play with a complete novice they aren't allowed to check the dictionary under any circumstances whatsoever, even if it's only to check they can play the word "poo" for 4 points. You can probably deduce that I'm very competitive.

I also have a fear of exams; having been a slave to the education system for over 20 years I guess that I've just finally had enough. Every summer I have nightmares about having to revise for and take exams and I still, as a thirty something woman, wake up and think "ah crap, I haven't revised" only to lie back down and remember, gloriously, that I am now an adult and will never need to take another exam again. Phew.

I hate having eye tests because I know that every time I do my eyes will get that little bit worse. There's nothing like looking at that chart and seeing the massive 'A' at the top but nothing else except a blur of black and white. That's 'failure' in my book and an eye test is the one and only test I know I'm going to fail with honours!

Sometimes the fear of failure will put me off even trying. Late last year I had the opportunity to apply for a development role at work and I knew the competition would be fierce. I didn't give it a second thought, I just didn't apply. A friend cajoled me into it in the end so I cobbled something together and sent off the application. I was astounded to find I'd been successful and was ever so relieved I'd applied. Riding high on this feeling of invincibility I applied a  few weeks later for my dream job and didn't even get an interview despite thinking I was a shoe in. This knocked my confidence more than I can describe and I'm now fearful that I'll never get the permanent promotion I'm looking for. Sad eh?

There's this saying I often see on social media (you know the kind; supposedly inspirational on a background of a pretty sunset meant to add poignancy to it) that says "what if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” which sums up my life completely - I just don't have the courage yet to allow myself the opportunities to fly, because I'm so afraid to fall.

What's wrong with having a glass shower partition, eh?! I hate hotels with shower curtains. Firstly, how many other people's naked bodies have they stuck to? Secondly, what are those stains splashed up the side? Urgh, it just doesn't bear thinking about! I hate the way the floor always ends up covered in water no matter how well I tuck it in but mostly I hate the way they always stick to me!

The feeling of the material sticking to my leg or torso makes me shudder and gag. In the past I've been known to cry because it's caused me such anxiety, and I've had to have my husband hold the shower curtain away from my skin. I don't like baths and had ours removed in favour of a gloriously luxurious walk in shower so I'm not used to showering in cramped spaces with the threat of curtain stickage hanging over me and it's for this reason that I hate hotel bathrooms (that and the obligatory hair on the wall that doesn't belong to me - gross!)

Of course there are many other things in life that scare me - perhaps I'll save those for another time! What are your major fears in life? Have you ever managed to overcome a fear? Let me know.

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  1. I'm terrified of needles and injections but I love frogs. My ex actually had a pet frog.


  2. All of these for me! Frogs scare me mostly as my cats used to bring them in yuck yuck!

  3. Most on that list I scare me as well. I like your description of failure, never thought to include the different form of fear.

  4. I do love that quote and I relate to it a lot as well, the fear of failure can be really difficult to get over! I am totally afraid of flying, and I think it's because my mum was! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's interesting how we pick these things up from others around us, probably from a young age! Perhaps I'll try to overcome the frog fear by holding one... Eek!

  5. Frogs freak me out as well, I don't know why though lol. I'm personally petrified of spiders, good on you for not being scared of them.

  6. My bf' s work partner is also terrified of frogs. My fave fear belongs to my mate, who is scared of Guinea pigs! I can relate to the fear of failure. I stopped painting pictures back last year as I messed one up. Plus my partner is very talented, although his work is completely different, so I stopped. I was going to start blogging, developed an irrational fear of setting it up on WordPress, even though I am fairly IT savvy, so left it. I am also terrified of driving tests and fell apart at all six (yes you read that right), passing on my seventh as I was pregnant with my second daughter and didn't give a
    crap! So fear of failure is an evil beast! xxxxx

  7. I really enjoyed reading all your fears (obviously, not that it's nice to be fearful ;o) ), I bloody hate shower curtains too, if one touches me, it makes me shudder - I showered at the gym yesterday and I caught my back whilst trying to dry myself in the cubicle and then had to wash my back "just in case". I also have a deep loathing for baths. I haven't had a bath since I was a small child, but the thought of sitting in the water and accidentally being touched by one of my own hairs, or a piece of dirt makes me feel physically sick. I can get in a jacuzzi or a hot tub though ... but when I'm at the pool in the gym (which happened just yesterday) if I can see dirt on the bottom of the pool, I refuse to put my feet down until I get out, just in case I stand in it. Even though I know it's probably floating all around me in the pool!

    Amie | Hellbentforlipstick

  8. Failure and shower curtains I can totally relate to! I'm weird afraid of sleeping through the night, I honestly have to set alarms - I'm not sure where it came from or why!

    Sammy xo.

  9. Defo needles. When I had my pre-op in December I knew I'd have to have one but oh no, not just one, they made me HAVE TWO. because they didn't have my blood group on file. It was horrendous! then on surgery day, I asked them to knock me out with gas then put the drips in my hand which they were happy to do.. and I woke up with TWO DRIPS IN !! :'(
    x GNAR MOSH x

  10. After reading your top ten movies of 2014 i can only say for certain what scares. Whilst I often say that the people we should fear the most are the people who have nothing to lose, these people are not close to being as scary as those that live amongst us without empathy or emotion for fellow man. The threat that cannot be seen and is so well hidden we cannot avoid it unless we deny all that makes life worth living. I fear society has rooted so strongly and routinely the behaviours we expect from each other that we have only served to mask our biggest threats. Variety I solute you!

    1. So you came up with what scares you by reading my Top 10 Films post? I'm not sure I can see the link "Tom"!

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