Monday, 24 April 2017

40 by 40 | Update - row a boat

Due to the fact that I stopped blogging for over two years I have quite a few updates on my 40 by 40 alternative bucket list to get through!

In June 2015 I visited the beautiful village of Pooley Bridge which is situated by Ullswater, the second largest lake in the Lake District. I've always wanted to row a boat (hence why it's on the 40 by 40 list) but I'm afraid of large open expanses of water for reasons I can't discern.

 Our vessel!

At the time it cost £12 to hire the boat for 30 minutes, which was more than long enough for me. I wasn't brave enough to take the oars for more than a few metres, but I did technically row the boat at some point so I'm quite content to say I've done this! Hopefully I'll row a boat again and more convincingly, but it'll probably be on a boating lake in an urban park!

 I took this pic whilst holding the oar, to prove I did it!

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