Wednesday, 12 April 2017

It's been a while...

When I say it's been a while it doesn't seem like it's been that long since I last blogged, but apparently it's been 26 months! Oops!

I'm going to be honest about why I stopped blogging... I started writing an epic post about my mother's death and I just crumbled. I'd been making notes on my phone for two years, knowing that I one day wanted to tell my story, but when I came to write it I couldn't write more than a paragraph without breaking down, and so I did what I do when things are hard: I ran away.

Before, when I was blogging, I always did so with the audience or potential audience in mind. I didn't write for myself. I just wanted people to write what I wrote and so I wrote what I thought people wanted to read. I'm forging ahead with this blog for me and me alone. I'm still hoping to write the epic post that thwarted my blogging for nearly two years, because I'm stronger now.


  1. Just catching up & pleased you're blogging again. Anything vegan diet related would be really interesting. Not even veggie myself & I'd be interested to know if you're finding it relatively easy, it's a move I'd love to make x

    1. Thanks Laura! I was veggie for about a year before going vegan and I personally found it very easy but there was a lot of trial and error to find replacements for milk and cheese! The hardest part is eating out but I'm a research ninja so I'm getting there!! I've lots of reviews coming up x


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