Monday, 29 May 2017

40 by 40 | Updates!

I published my 40 by 40 - alternative bucket list in 2014 and since then I've not really managed to cross that much off it, sadly.

So far I've blogged the following:

I have, however, managed to cross a couple of other items off the list but as they are really not rather blog worthy and there aren't any photographs to make them slightly more interesting I thought I would simply give a quick roundup!

#14: Get promoted. Well, I've actually done this twice now. I was temporarily promoted a few weeks after writing the 40 by 40 list and in January 2016 was successful in securing a permanent promotion. Only a few months later in November 2016 I started my current role (again on promotion) which, following months of specialist training, has just started in earnest. Go me! With just over 6 years left until I'm 40 I really do hope I can earn another promotion or two...

#15: Own a designer handbag. Yes, it's shallow but I love bags (and clothes, and shoes, and scarves, and... you get the drift!) I always thought I would tick this off my list once I owned a Mulberry handbag, but now that I'm vegan (see below) that's not going to be possible. So, I'll have to settle with saying this beautiful Kate Spade counts as my designer handbag (I bought this prior to being vegan and it's wasteful not to use it.)

#35: Be vegan for a month. In April 2016 I decided to be a vegetarian (for ethical reasons, should you be interested). It wasn't overly difficult to not eat meat so this January I took the plunge and pledged to do Veganuary. Aside from the difficulty finding a milk replacement for my coffee I found it relatively easy, and at the end of the month I decided to continue with it. Four months in and I feel great; I can honestly say I don't miss meat, dairy or eggs. Yes, it is a pain having to read ingredients lists in supermarkets, and it can be hard to agree on a place to eat out with friends, but those are not deal breakers by any means.

Having joined lots of vegan groups on Facebook I was worried that friends and family wouldn't be supportive. I heard horror stories of people being mocked and ridiculed for their choices but my friends and family have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. I didn't tell anyone at work about it until very recently because I was sure there would be some teasing but I was surprised to find they were all very interested and asked me lots of questions without telling me I'm stupid (at least not to my face!) One colleague did say "so what do you eat?!" and I just said "look at me mate, does it look like I'm struggling to find things to eat?!" He got the point. Even my dad went out of his way to make me vegan Yorkshire puddings for Sunday lunch!

So, what do I eat? Well... pretty much everything. Here are some pics of all the 'rabbit food' I eat on a daily basis (aka why I'm still fat!)

So, with only six things crossed off the list I really need to get cracking...


  1. How's the whole Veganism going?

    1. It's going fine oh anonymous person. I see you've just set up your blogger account- do I know you in person?

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