Thursday, 19 October 2017

Food review | The Bohemian

Although there are now lots of high street restaurants that are making eating out easier for vegetarians and vegans it's nice to find a restaurant that caters solely to the meat free demographic in Newcastle. The Bohemian is one such establishment. Nestled unassumingly on Pink Lane, The Bohemian is a restaurant, bar, and record store. The atmosphere is quirky, warm, and welcoming.

Keen to try it out we headed here for a pre-gig dinner (Rumours of Fleetwood Mac at The Sage, since you ask!) You can book online, which is always a bonus, and their menu is also available to peruse which saves valuable time if you're in a rush (as we were!)

Upon arrival we noticed a very small sign in the window alerting us to the fact they don't take card payment. We then had to pop to the cash point before eating which, when you've got a date with The (faux) Mac, was frustrating to say the least. It would be great if the online booking system could display a message stating it's cash only along with your booking confirmation. I've since been informed that they now take card payments. Yay!

The Bohemian serves a wide range of cocktails (all vegan friendly!) and I opted for a dark and stormy, which is my favourite cocktail of all time so I was so pleased to see it on the menu. The cocktails are all £6.95 which is reasonable for a city centre venue.

We opted to share the nachos which was a mistake as the portion size was not enough for two people with a large appetite. Never mind, we'll know for next time! I plumped for the BBQ pulled jackfruit kebab whilst my partner-in-dine went for the black bean and walnut cheese burger. The food was well presented but we both felt the portion sizes were small, especially for the price. I personally didn't like the jackfruit; it tasted like fruit covered in BBQ sauce and I can't help but shake my head every time I read that it's a plausible substitute for pulled pork. The rest of the meal was tasty and I did eat all of the jackfruit because I was hungry, but it's not for me and I wouldn't order it again. This isn't a slur on the restauran; it's a slur on the jackfruit!

Despite being in a hurry I still ordered a dessert of vegan cheesecake. Again, we opted to share but the portion was very small so I would advise a starter and dessert each if you're a piglet like me! Through ordering the dessert we ended up missing the start of the concert. There's a lesson about gluttony in there somewhere...

The staff were friendly and made a real effort to answer our questions about the gluten free options. Whilst we were there many people were turned away without a booking, and this was a Tuesday evening, so I would highly recommend booking a table. Whilst the first visit was a mixed bag (food wise) I've been again and can vouch for the deliciousness of the chilli cheese chimichanga!